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Dalian Zhongshan Hotel

Dalian Zhongshan Hotel, business travel is boundless, fast first. It is located in the panoramic business climax of qingniwa gold business district in Dalian, and is located in the famous shopping malls in Dalian.
Its special 'Mingtai Pavilion' executive floor, Indian floor, Japanese floor and 'Mingyuan Pavilion' Lady floor have their own characteristics. The newly decorated hotel lobby is full of green, with various auspicious flowers and trees, showing the auspicious atmosphere of birds singing, flowers fragrance and spring branches. In 2012, the hotel carried out a new round of room decoration, part of the hardware facilities were transformed. All TVs are replaced with high definition LED LCD TVs; The hotel building is transformed, and the neon lights are adjusted and replaced; Carpets and wallpaper in all rooms are replaced to provide a more comfortable and elegant environment for guests.
The Indian restaurant on the 5th floor inherits the essence of Indian cuisine, which is managed by famous Indian chefs and performed by mysterious singing and dancing from Indian dancers. Its romantic and beautiful dining environment has brought a new shock to the exotic customs of Bincheng people. The vegetarian restaurant presents a new concept of vegetarianism with the business philosophy of 'love cooking, compassion dining, Thanksgiving taste and self digestion'“ 'Rongyuan' Hong Kong and Macao tea restaurant is the chef of the class. The Russian revolving restaurant on the 38th floor is a live performance of songs and dances by art groups from Russia. Russian famous chefs are in charge of Russian Caucasian hot pot, with more than 100 kinds of Chinese and Western food. In addition, the hotel has Conference Center, business center, recreation and fitness center, international brand boutique, nightclub, beauty salon, sauna, chess and card room, etc. Dedicated to build, happy journey!

Breakfast price: CNY69($9.5) / person
Breakfast type: Buffet


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Dalian Zhongshan Hotel
Tel: +86-13074141676
Add.: 3-5 Jiefang Road, near qingniwa bridge, Dalian shopping mall pedestrian street